Find a budy to share a hotel room

We have put together this page to help attendees find room-mates for their accommodation at the La Jolla hotel. This is a great opportunity to cut down on your accomodation costs, and meet people that work in the same research field.

If you are interested in sharing a room with another attendee, please add your contact details on this page. Alternatively, use the contacts that are listed here to get in touch with somebody else and setup a joint room booking. This page is only here to allow people to find each other. You will need to speak to each other (e.g. by email) and make a joined booking at the hotel.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to remove your details from the list, once you have found a room-mate.

Add your details to the list
Remove your details from the list

People looking for room-mates

Affiliation: UCL
Gender: M
Dates: Feb 25th - Feb 28th
Michael Cohen
Affiliation: University of Aizu
Gender: male
Dates: Feb. 27–30
Notes: (i sometimes snore softly)