• Posters

  • Using a Multi-tasking VM for Mobile Applications

    Yin Yan, Chunyu Chen, Karthik Dantu, Steven Y. Ko, and Lukasz Ziarek (SUNY Buffalo)

  • Identifying and Analyzing the Privacy of Apps for Kids

    Minxing Liu, Haoyu Wang, and Yao Guo (Peking University) and Jason Hong (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Mining Cellular Call Records for Identifying Potentially Strong Social Connections

    Aveek K. Das (UC Davis) and Sara Motahari (Sprint Advanced Analytics Lab) and Chen-Nee Chuah and Prasant Mohapatra (UC Davis)

  • Uncovering Privacy Leakage in BLE Network Traffic of Wearable Fitness Trackers

    Aveek K. Das, Parth H. Pathak, Chen-Nee Chuah, and Prasant Mohapatra (University of California, Davis)

  • Viola: Trustworthy Sensor Notifications for Enhanced Privacy on Mobile Systems

    Saeed Mirzamohammadi, Ardalan Amiri Sani (University of California, Irvine)

  • Tell your Graphics Stack That the Display is Circular

    Hongyu Miao and Felix Xiaozhu Lin (Purdue University)

  • Machi: Unleash the Potential of Wi-Fi with SDN-enabled Multipath Architecture

    Makito Kano (Intel)

  • Are Very Deep Neural Networks Feasible on Mobile Devices? 

    Swati Rallapalli (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center) ,Hang Qiu and Archith John Bency and S. Karthikeyan (University of California at Santa Barbara), Ramesh Govindan and B. S. Manjunath (University of California at Santa Barbara) and Rahul Urgaonkar (Amazon Inc.)

  • Glimpsing into the Future: An Accurate WiFi-Based Client Count Prediction Algorithm 

    Huy Tran (Portland State University) and Santosh Pandey and Abhishek Bhattacharyya (Cisco Systems) and Preethi Natarajan (Cisco Systems) and Nirupama Bulusu (Portland State University)

  • SCAN: Social Context-Aware Smartphone Notification Management System 

    Chunjong Park, Junsung Lim, Juho Kim, Sung-Ju Lee and Dongman Lee (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

  • Forget Synchrony for Low Latency

    Min Hong Yun, Songtao He, and Lin Zhong (Rice University)

  • TeSLA: Thermal Service Level Agreement for Mobile Devices

    HyunJong Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology) and Minsung Jang (AT&T Labs - Research) and William Agnew, Ada Gavrilovska and Karsten Schwan (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Situation Aware Lost Handling via BLE 

    Jae-geun Moon and Im Y. Jung (Kyungpook National University)

  • Face Recognition for Context-Sensitive IoT Applications 

    Brandon Amos and Mahadev Satyanarayanan (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Computationally Efficient Human Activity Modeling and Its Application as a Service in Android Application Framework

    Md Osman Gani, Taskina Fayezeen, Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed and Richard J. Povinelli (Marquette University)

  • Mobile Based Learning Architecture for Expectant Parents of Premature Babies

    Md Kamrul Hasan, GM Tanimul Ahsan and Amit Kumar Saha (Marquette University) and U. Olivia Kim and Mir A. Basir (Medical College of Wisconsin) and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed (Marquette University)

  • Haystack: In situ Mobile Traffic Analysis in User Space

    Abbas Razaghpanah (Stony Brook University) and Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, Srikanth Sundaresan and Christian Kreibich (ICSI/Lastline), Phillipa Gill (Stony Brook University) and Mark Allman and Vern Paxson (ICSI)

  •  PLTSpeed: Suggesting Personalized Web Optimizations for Developers

    Javad Nejati and Aruna Balasubramanian (Stony Brook University)

  • Towards Radio-based Activity Sensing on Wearables

    Biyi Fang (Michigan State University) and Nicholas D. Lane (Bell Labs) and Mi Zhang (Michigan State University), Fahim Kawsar (Bell Labs)

  • Hybrid Road-Aware Routing in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks

    Zubair Amjad, Wang-Cheol Song and Khi-Jung Ahn (Jeju National University

  • Sensemo: An Emotion Sensing System using Pysiological Cues

    Karan Joshi and Shan Lin (Stony Brook University) and Shariar Nirjon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Hao Tsung Yang (Stony Brook University)

  • Better Performance Through Thread-local Emulation

    Ali Razeen, Valentin Pistol, Alexander Meijer, and Landon P. Cox (Duke University)

  • How to Safely Augment Reality: Challenges and Directions

    Kiron Lebeck, Tadayoshi Kohno, and Franziska Roesner (University of Washington)

  • Toward Extrapolation of WiFi Fingerprinting Performance Across Environments

    Filip Lemic and Vlado Handziski (Technische Universitat Berlin),Giuseppe Caso (Sapienza University of Rome),Pieter Crombez (Televic Health Care NV) , Luca De Nardis (Sapienza University of Rome) , Adam Wolisz (Technische Universitat Berlin) and Tom Van Haute and Eli De Poorter (Ghent University)

  • Demos

  • When IPs Fly: A Case for Redefining Airline Communication

    John P. Rula and Fabian E. Bustamante (Northwestern University) and Dave Choffnes (Northeastern University)

  • Lighting Up the Internet of Things with DarkVLC

    Zhao Tian, Kevin Wright and Xia Zhou (Dartmouth College)

  • Smart Vending: IoT-enabled Inventory Control.

    Guliz Tuncay, Vansh Khanna, Robin Kravets, Albert Harris (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Working Out with IoT: Pairing and Automated Data Collection in a Gym Environment.

    Kirill Varshavskiy, Braden Ehrat, Vansh Khanna, Albert Harris and Robin Kravets (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

  • Downhill: BLE-based Multi-Hop Communication Using Smartphones for Detecting Slope Failures

    Manato Fujimoto, Seigi Matsumoto, Hirohiko Suwa, Yutaka Arakawa and Yafei Hou (Nara Institute of Science and Technology) and John Noel Victorino (Ateneo de Manila University) and Julian Webber, Kazuto Yano and Satoshi Tsukamoto (ATR Wave Engineering Laboratories) and Michinori Hatayama (Kyoto University)

  • Using Spectral Analysis to Detect Seizures Using Smartphones

    Amir Helmy (Eastside Highschool) and Ahmed Helmy (Seizario)

  • Reptor: Realizing API Virtualization on Android

    Taeyeon Ki, Alexander Simeonov, Karthik Dantu, Steven Y. Ko and Lukasz Ziarek (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)

  • DeepX: A Software Accelerator for Squeezing Deep Learning onto Wearables, Phones and Things

    Nicholas D. Lane and Sourav Bhattacharya (Bell Labs) and Petko Georgiev (University of Cambridge) and Claudio Forlivesi and Fahim Kawsar (Bell Labs)

  • A Wireless-Based Approach for Transit Analytics

    Bozhao Qi, Lei Kang and Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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